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All the features in each guide are listed in the same format. It might seem a bit complicated at first, but it is pretty easy once you get used to it. You can modify all of the data by clicking the 'edit' tab on the top right hand corner. Make sure you preview and save your edits to update the guide for future hikers.

Below is a sample of several features from the beginning of the Colorado Trail Guide.

0.00 * w * Waterton Canyon TH (no camping 6.7mi) * 5522
6.20 * bathroom,v* Strontia Springs Dam * 5786
0.20 * c * Roxborough Trail * 5889
0.20 *  * Go left, off road * 5931

which yields

Mileage Type (Key) Description Elevation
0 reliable water Waterton Canyon TH (no camping 6.7mi) 5522
6.2 bathroom, view Strontia Springs Dam 5786
6.4 camping Roxborough Trail 5889
6.6 Go left, off road 5931

It is basically divided into four columns, which match the four columns in the table of the guidebook, separated by asterisks (*).

The first column is the distance from the previous feature, so the Roxborough Trail is only .2 miles away from the Strontia Springs Dam.

The second column is any information, such as camping, water, etc, that is abbreviated, according to the key.

The third column is the actual description of the feature

The fourth column is the elevation, in feet, of the feature.

So to add a new feature, just add a new line, with those four columns filled out. As an example, to add a campsite that is 1 mile from the trailhead, we would insert the following line after the trailhead line:

1.0 * c * campsite * 5600

Since the distance to the dam is now changed, we would also have to change the next line to:

5.20 * bathroom,v* Strontia Springs Dam * 5786

These distances are then automatically added up when creating the guidebook, and the end result is a new guidebook with the additional campsite listed.