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How Can I Help?

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There are several ways that you can help out TrailGuideWiki.

Go Hike[edit]

The simplest is to Go Hike. See Hiking with the Guide for more information, but basically we want to get as many hikers using the guide as possible. The more people that are contributing, the more accurate this guide will be, and the more up to date it will stay. A single person is not able to maintain a trail guide to any degree of accuracy. Get your friends to help, and spread the word.

Any time you go for a hike on a long distance trail, print out the relevant section of the guide. Bring a pencil or pen, and take notes. Are the distances accurate? Are the water sources flowing? Has a hostel closed, or raised its prices? When you get back home, update the information for the next hiker. They will appreciate your contribution.

Scour the web for information[edit]

If it is a rainy day, and you aren't able to go hiking, or only have a bit of time, a lot of information is available online. Just make sure the information is freely and publicly available to add to a site like this. For instance, you can't take a guidebook and just copy all the information, unless you have permission from the author/publisher. However, some information can be easily obtained. Check out Special:WhatLinksHere/Template:Info and Category:Missing for a list of pages that are currently marked as needing information, such as business phone numbers, web pages, etc. There are quite a few pages missing a small tidbit of information. You would be amazed by what is available online when you look for it.

Call businesses to update information[edit]

A bit harder that using the web to find information is to call a business to check if the current information is up to date. Did a store move? Is a hostel now offering shuttle services? Is a resupply point closed? Some of this might come from the business's own web page, but some places don't have a website. A good old fashion phone call might prevent the next hiker from relying on a service that is no longer available. Especially if a page hasn't been updated in several years, this becomes a lot more important. Even as you plan your own hike, you might end up calling several places to double check information. Include any updates on this site as you go. Others will benefit from your work, and appreciate the effort.

Edit articles[edit]

This site will be edited by a wide variety of users. Some will be more technically savvy than others. If you stumble across a page that you don't think is quite right, fix it. Did someone add a new hostel page, even though one already exists with a different name? Now you have the power to help out and fix things. Enjoy responsibly.

Promote TrailGuideWiki[edit]

This guide is only as useful as the number of people contributing. If there are only two people that know about the guide, it won't stay very accurate or up to date. However, if you tell other hikers about it, they might provide useful trail updates before you even get to a section of trail. Think how nice it would be if you told a bunch of hikers, who took off ahead of you, correcting the guide as they went. Suddenly you notice that a water cache you were depending on is no longer maintained. Now you know, courtesy of the hikers you sent ahead of you, and passed the work along about TrailGuideWiki. You'll thank yourself later.