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Pinhoti Trail Guide

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The Free Updated Pinhoti Trail Guide

A Southeast Region Appalachian Trail Connector

This guide encompasses both the Alabama Pinhoti Trail and the Georgia Pinhoti Trail. The Alabaman Pinhoti Trail is a National Recreation Trail primarily through the Talladega National Forest, while the Georgia Pinhoti Trail is largely a mountain bike trail. Both are open to hiking.

For Thru Hikers, you can view the entire guide on one page, and print it, at: Pinhoti_Trail_Guide_All. Note that this will load pretty slowly, since it is calculating and re-doing the entire guide all at once, but it is much easier to print this way.

The Pinhoti Trail, by section[edit]

Mileage Type (Key) Description Elevation
0 gpx Pinhoti-S01
13.1 gpx Pinhoti-S02
22.9 gpx Pinhoti-S03
34.3 gpx Pinhoti-S04
52.3 gpx Pinhoti-S05
67.8 gpx Pinhoti-S06
79.1 gpx Pinhoti-S07
96.7 gpx Pinhoti-S08
106.2 gpx Pinhoti-S09
119.8 gpx Pinhoti-S10
136.1 gpx Pinhoti-S11
144.9 gpx Pinhoti-S12
161.1 gpx Pinhoti-S13
173.9 gpx Pinhoti-S14-17
203.3 gpx Pinhoti-S18
207.3 gpx Pinhoti-S19
215.5 gpx Pinhoti-S20
224.6 gpx Pinhoti-S21
235.8 gpx Pinhoti-S22
241.6 gpx Pinhoti-S23
251.1 gpx Pinhoti-S24
257.3 gpx Pinhoti-S25
273.1 gpx Pinhoti-S26
290.1 gpx Pinhoti-S27
304.2 gpx Pinhoti-S28
311.2 gpx Pinhoti-S29
320.8 gpx Pinhoti-S30
331.8 gpx Pinhoti-S31

Common Resupply Points[edit]

Mileage Type (Key) Description Elevation
13.1 0mi Dollar General at AL21, CR150
57.2 7mi W Oxford, AL
71.7 3mi W Heflin, AL
126.8 7.5mi W Piedmont, AL
141.2 0mi Cave Springs, GA
181.1 7mi W Summerville, GA
191.2 3mi W Summerville, GA
241.7 0mi Dalton, GA

Original data largely from Solo's original (outdated) online guidebook (, used with permission.